Microcontrollers, RS-232, USB, JTAG, UART - we have a lot of ready made and well tested IP at our disposal. Furthermore we have a strong knowledge of FPGA development and application specific domain logic. All our IP is tested using automated test pattern generation with full design coverage.

  • C/C++


    For several different platforms application specific software can be developed. For example, we have experience with linux device driver development, embedded software and real time operating systems. Software can be developed for many different platforms and architectures: microblaze, linux, Mac OS, Android and iPhone.

  • Websites


    Since the start of the company in 2006 many different websites are developed. We can offer a full service ranging from project management, web development, logo, web and brand design, web hosting, e-mail services and domainname registration.

  • Featured projects

    Featured projects

    We realize your ideas, and there is no better way to tell you than to show you. Please have a look at our featured projects to find out what we can do for you. Read more

Latest news @Takar


15:04 - NASA Launches Massive Digital Library For Space Video, Photos and Audio https://t.co/ulmEBNFbij


22:37 - Cuisinière/four Ikea UDDEN CG3 à Lausanne acheter sur ricardo.ch https://t.co/7D63vTZP7J


20:44 - https://t.co/1P6kBmCyaE